Fix25 out of 60 orgs supported by Google in 10 African countries to inspire 83,000 students in #CS!

Google is supporting Africa Code Week (Oct 18-25) by offering sponsorships to 60 community organizations in 10 African countries running initiatives to expose over 83,000 students to computer science. 

Google sponsors 60 Africa Code Week projects that introduce students to computer science Across Africa, digital skills are becoming essential to successful careers and to Africa’s future growth. Yet, despite the growing importance of having computer science skills there are not enough students who have access to opportunities to develop the technical skills they’ll need to be successful in the 21st century. This is a topic that Google cares deeply about, and that’s why we are offering sponsorships again this year to organisations running initiatives to introduce students to computer science during Africa Code Week 2017.


Ultimately we were able to fund 60 initiatives, exposing 83,810 students to computer science across 10 countries. We are excited to see enthusiasm around inspiring students in computer science and to support these great efforts.

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